Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I know that I said I would post more pictures of our house throughout this week but it has just been too busy. Hardwood floors are almost done, all the appliances were delivered yesterday and almost all installed, the carpet was installed today, and tomorrow my hubby and I are going on a little vacay. This Sunday, February 21st is our very first wedding anniversary. So we are taking a little trip to the Oregon mountains and staying at a resort for 5 days. Now even though the original intentions with this blog were to document the renovations of our townhouse, the rest of our life in the townhouse will probably be blogged about also. So yes that does mean you get to read all about how madly in love my husband and I are, how many awesome friends we have, the amazing adventures we always go on, and of course our super cute puppy. The only things in our life that will probably not be blogged about is my job...I make coffee...not that exciting. So back to the mushy love stuff. I was trying to upload some pictures of Pete and I but it stopped uploading after one so I will have to try again when we get back. Ill also post some pictures of our little anniversary getaway. Have a great 5 days, I know we will!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Before Pictures

Yup, thats right I've got pictures. I went over to our place today to see how the hardwood floors are coming along and while I was there I went searching through some boxes in the garage for the computer cord. Luckily, I found it right away.

There are a lot of pictures to catch up on but lets start with the before pictures and we'll get to the rest throughout this week. I feel like there needs to be a note of explanation with every picture but Ill just do one note for you to keep in mind as you see each picture. EVERYTHING WILL LOOK SO MUCH DIFFERENT WHEN WE ARE DONE! With that said, here we go....

Front door with door to garage on left.


Stairway up to second floor.
Don't you just love the nasty blue gray carpet?

Hallway on right is the bottom stairway.
Hallway on left is the stairway up to the third floor.

Living room. (our first little party the night we got our keys)

Dinning room.

The very beautiful kitchen.

Can't forget to show the really cool room divider between the dinning room and living room.

Stairway up to the third floor.

Hall bathroom.

Second bedroom.

Master bedroom. Isn't the paint job lovely?

Bathroom and walk in closet in master bedroom.

Master bathroom. Also with a really nice paint job.

Washer, dryer and utility tub in the garage.

Welp there it is. That is how our little townhouse looked when we received the keys. In the past couple weeks we have painted everything, ripped up carpet, prepped floors for the hardwoods and new carpet, pulled out some of the old appliances, took off old closet doors and removed the weird room divider. It is already looking so different. Ill post some during pictures throughout this week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hardwood Floors

One of the few bigger renovations we are tackling before we move in began today. Hardwood floors, yay! Well, I suppose they actually started a couple weeks ago. Up until today we had done all the prep work that needed to be done for the installation of the hardwood floors. We (okay more like Pete and my father-in-law) ripped out all the existing carpet, which covered everything except the kitchen and two bathrooms. We (I really did help out during this part) then had to pull up the tack strips that ran along every edge of the whole townhouse. Our place isn't that big but one big great room, two bedrooms, and two flights of stairs had many edges with many little tack strips. In addition to the tack strips there were countless staples all throughout the floors that also had to be pulled up. I guess I wasn't aware of how long that part of the process would take. I figured you pull up the carpet and then put down the hardwoods...I obviously have never done anything like this before. I think that is part of why I am excited to document this ongoing renovation process. I think we will learn a lot throughout this and not just about home renovation but about ourselves too.

Well anyways, back to the floors. We picked horizontal carbonized bamboo floors from lumber liquidators. These floors were our choice even before we looked at the price, and they just happened to be one of the most inexpensive options for real wood floors. We wanted a lighter floor with a warm tone to it. Not too brown, not too red, not too light. The carbonized color was perfect! And we love that bamboo is a renewable resource. One point for us for being eco friendly! We are having one of our friends install the floors for us. He just so happens to be a professional so we are saving money and going to have beautifully installed floors all at the same time.

The installation is going to take a few days but I already feel so much closer to moving out of my parents house (for like the third time in my life, ha) and moving into our new home! Next on the list is new appliances which are going to be installed next Tuesday. We are getting a whole new kitchen set along with a new washer and dryer. So so excited. Then the next day our new carpet is being installed. The carpet will be on the stairway from the second to third floor and throughout the third floor which is basically the hallway and two bedrooms. Oh I guess I forgot to mention where are hardwood floors are going to be. They will start on the first floor in the entryway, up the first flight of stairs, and throughout the whole second floor which is the kitchen, dinning room, and living room. Again, no pictures yet. Soon I hope. Or else this blog will continue to be very boring and everyone will stop reading it. Oh wait, I probably don't actually have any readers yet. Well this is all for tonight. Maybe, just maybe there will be a picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I feel like this blog has been a long time coming. Mainly because we, my husband Pete and I, were trying to buy our first home for over a year. Months and months ago I decided to create a blog once we had our house to document the renovations and changes we would make. Since our budget was on the smaller end, we knew we wouldn't be able to purchase a house with everything exactly the way we wanted it, but instead would have to do some fixing up to a place to make it that way.

About three weeks ago we finally got our place. Its a three story townhouse (hence the name of this blog being life in the town) with a two car garage. Entry way on the first floor. Kitchen, dinning room, living room, and deck on the second floor. Master bedroom with connected bathroom and walk in closet, second bedroom, and hall bathroom on the third floor.

The place was built in 1990 and Im pretty sure not a single thing was touched since then. Everything was in good condition just extremely dated. So we have quite a list of improvements we will be making. A few of the bigger projects we are getting taken care of now, while many smaller projects will be done over the next year or so.

We are currently living at my parents house until some of the projects are done and our place is actually livable. I have lots of pictures to show of how it looked before and now during the renovations but unfortunately the cord that connects our camera to our computer is missing, probably packed in a box in our garage. I will hopefully find it soon and post pictures.

Well I guess I really just wanted to say welcome. Welcome to our little life in our little townhouse. Hope you enjoy reading up on all the goings on around here.

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