Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pictures ... finally!

Okay, so I realized that maybe the fact that we didn't have internet was just an excuse for the lack of postings. When in reality I am just a horrible blogger. I should have figured this much since this is not the first blog I have started. My previous one died for a couple reasons. One - it was a blog about my dreadlocks and they only lasted 5 and a half months. Two - my original intentions of posting week to week pictures of how my dreads were doing only lasted a week or two. So I guess I just have to be honest with myself and whoever might actually be reading this ... I am a horrible blogger.

Well now on to something a little more entertaining. I have pictures! Pete loading up our computer yesterday with all our pictures from Sunriver, the progress on our place, SXSW, our little nephew's birth (okay not really the birth but you know what I mean), and Ivan and Alyosha's recording session for their next record. I'm thinking of just starting at the beginning and taking it slow. So here we go for Sunriver!

About to leave with the car all packed up. Oh and doesn't Pete just look adorable in pink sunglasses?!

Mount Hood. That is not where we were going, but we had a view of it for just about half of the eight hour drive so it was kind of an important part of our trip. It's also kind of beautiful.

This bathtub was also a really important part of our trip :) However, since the bathtub was the size of a small pool (Im really not exaggerating at all) it took about an hour to fill up and the hot water would end up running out before it was even past the jets. One of the days Pete actually started boiling water on the stove to help speed up the process and to make sure our bath was actually hot.

Dinner in our condo.

We accidently found a McMenamins one of the days we ventured into Bend. This was the Old St. Francis School, which is not only a pub, restaurant, and brewery, but also a hotel and a movie theatre. Definitely much cooler than the McMenamins down the street from our place in Mill Creek. We also went to the original Deschutes brewery in Bend. Which is where I'm pretty sure I heard Pete mutter to himself "this is my highlight of the trip". Of course he meant besides spending time with his lovely wife.

Although it was super sunny (and 30 degrees) without a chance of snow (in the mountains in February, I was slightly disappointed), pretty much all of the regular activities (bike rentals, horseback riding, hot air balloon ride) that we were planning on partaking in were closed. So we spent most of our days going on walks throughout Sunriver and Bend.

We did find a little snow on the golf course outside of our condo. So of course I practiced some of my ice skating moves from my days as a competitive figure skater. It's okay to be jealous of my talents.

The night of our actual anniversary we went out to dinner at a restaurant at the resort. I think that was the night we realized how quiet Sunriver is when there isn't any snow. We were one of three couples in the whole place. It was nice to have a quiet dinner though. Then I could really focus of how cute my husband looks in a bow tie!

We brought one of our cakes (we had three) from our wedding to eat that night. It was surprisingly still delicious! The next day we made the eight hour drive back to Seattle.

That night we began actually living and sleeping at our place. All of our stuff was still in boxes in the garage and by the time we got home it was way too late to start unpacking, so we moved our mattress upstairs and went to bed.

Hopefully that wasn't too painful to read. I can't promise that I will post more frequently, but I do promise to make my posts more interesting. Next up, SXSW!!

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