Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new approach on blogging

Well I suppose it is pretty obvious that I am not much of a blogger... The funny thing is that I want to be and there really isn't anything getting in my way of that except for pure lack of motivation. Or maybe its that I am really busy and the little time I spend at home goes to my husband, house, and pup. Or maybe its that I feel the need to write really long posts so I can fit in every detail of what I am sharing, and sometimes sitting down to write that much seems like it will take more effort then its worth. Which goes back to my comment on lack of motivation.

I have decided in order for my posting to be more often then once every three months, I will need to keep things short and sweet, just the facts. With that said, I will be posting some before and after pictures hopefully next weekend. You probably are thinking that these will be the long awaited before and after pictures of our house, but you are sadly mistaken. These pictures will be of me! Well, it is depending on how the "after" turns out. If its not as I am hoping (I find out on Friday), Ill probably just post some pictures from my birthday party. Let's hope everything looks as planned ...

I'll leave you all with this picture of me and my hubby when we visited California in June for my best friends wedding. Aren't we adorable?!

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