Sunday, August 29, 2010


My 25th birthday was a few weeks ago but since my hubby was out of town we had a party last weekend. My brother, sister-in-law, and their friend were in town from California so the timing worked out perfectly! I am definitely not Mexican and turned 15 ten years ago but we thought it would be fun to have a quinceanera. Probably the only traditional part about the party was that I wore white. There was not a dance with my father, no changing from flats to heels half way through the party, and although Pete was a wonderful host and made a very sweet toast to me, I wouldn't technically have called him my escort for the evening.
It was so fun to hang out in my parents backyard enjoying good food, cold drinks, and being surrounded by amazing friends who dressed for the occasion of course, we really do love a great themed party.

Almost as many babies as adults at the party. Weird how our lives are changing like that. I feel so old...

Pinata numero uno, red pepper

Probably my favorite picture from the party. I think a few punches were thrown over the red starbursts.

Pinata numero dos, cactus

Not pictured: Pinata numero tres, bull. But rest assured, it was very eventful ... lots of candy.

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