Monday, August 23, 2010


A couple things that people may or may not have figured out about me... 1. I am a difficult person to figure out. Apparently there are things about me whether it be interests, past hobbies, or style decisions, that people would never guess I would like, have done, or would do. I find it quite entertaining when this happens. 2. The choices of things that I currently like, am participating in, and looking like, will probably change soon and a new set of things will baffle people.
Most of the time this happens with people who have just met me or only briefly known me. I am pretty sure that anyone who has been around me for a few months has learned about the ever changing Audrey. If you don't know, you are about to find out. The following are pictures of me over the past year. It is pretty safe to say that I get bored with my hair easily and I'm not afraid to play around with it. Side note, I'm not saying that the choices I make are shocking or outrageous, that is just the response I have gotten from people.

About a year ago last August

September, dreads about a month old. (Pete and I were subjects for a photography class)




January a couple days later

March at SXSW. Yes we are wearing matching American Apparel hoodies and red leather jackets. No we did not plan it.

June at Sarah's wedding in California

Last Thursday

and for a little change ...

No thats not Peter Pan, its me!
Currently over a foot shorter and much darker. My blonde ponytail will soon be off to the UK for kids with alopecia and cancer.

Pictures from my 15th birthday soon! Goodnight!

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